Xiao Mi And Huawei To Join The 'Curve' Design League On Smartphones

By Penelope Stevens , May 08, 2016 11:09 AM EDT

While joining tech giants Samsung and LG are on the train for the release of their new smart phones, Xiao Mi and Huawei are on the works of releasing their curved display designs for 2016.

Since the release of Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, Chinese tech media outlet MyDrivers said that both Xiao Mi and Huawei are currently working for their release on Internationale Funkausstellung (IFA) tech trade in Berlin this September where most tech companies will showcase their respecitve newest models in the exposition.

Taking from the rumors, the companies are allegedly targeting the first half of 2016 for their release, and now it is said that the IFA tech trade in Berlin would be the first peek of the public of the new designs together with the latest Samsung Note.

Xiao Mi's upcoming curve screen smartphone's name is rumored to be "Mi Edge" or "Mi Note Edge," which will reportedly be looking after LG's G Flex 2, while Huawei's design will take after Samsung's edge panels to be named "Mate Edge." This is not the first time that curved displays from Samsung are being followed by Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEMs).

Aside from its design, Xiaomi also achieved to feature Qualcomm's Snapdragon 820 4GB RAM and a 16MP camera at a much more affordable tag, opposite to the pricey Huawei. This move will start a two-way relationship with the two Chinese companies to LG and Samsung. The rest of the specs and details are yet to be released.

Meanwhile, a number of manufacturers have already made their own respective attempt of creating edge displays like Vivo's Xplay 5 and Blackberry's Priv; however, it seems like only major smartphone maker could perfect such design. Samsung became the pioneer in Edge and Curve design in 2015 with the release of its Galaxy Edge S6 and S7 together with its latest in Note Series.

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