Microsoft To Relive 1 Million Old Xbox Live Gamertags

When it comes to Microsoft's gaming console Xbox, it is hard not to talk about gamertags. As what the name suggests, it is basically what users choose as their user ID and make them known online. And now, the giant tech company is aiming to resurrect the old Xbox Live gamertags and make them all available.  

Xbox Live Gamertags have been a thing since time immemorial, but some have remained inactive for plenty of reasons. However, Microsoft is planning to have them available for users to grab.

According to BetaNews, on May 18 Xbox Live users will once again relive the memories of gamertags. It was Xbox Live chief Larry Hyrb (also known as Major Nelso) who made the announcement.

The exciting event will jumpstart at 2 p.m. ET on the said date. Xbox owners will have nothing to worry, as they will be given a 24-hour access period, regardless of the location they are in.

Ars Technica reports that nearly a million of dormant Xbox Live gamertags will be made available. The only catch, however, is that users must be verified Xbox Live Gold members in order to join the gig.

It should be noted that Microsoft intends to utilize the gamertags from the original Xbox console. This is most especially with the ones that have remained unused since the servers went dead way back 2010. It only means that these gamertags were never used in logging onto new Xbox consoles and/or via Microsoft's Web-browser platform.

This is, in fact, not the very first time Microsoft has done such event. The company did so in 2011 when gamertags belong to the same batch. Hyrb said that while users might be having a hard time finding their preferred gamertags, they are encouraged to "keep trying." The Xbox Live chief claims that they are set to release plenty of gamertags.

Users will be given access to these gamertags via the console's official website. As for the Xbox Live Gold members, they have the freedom to acquire them either through the Xbox app in Windows 10 or Xbox One console. 

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