Researchers Unveil Rubik's Cube-Like Smartphone

By Logan , May 19, 2016 04:20 AM EDT

The brilliance of a man is defined by what he has created for the society or at least for himself. These days, varied changes of technological stuff are being created, tested and implemented. These brilliant and creative people have already searched and "invaded" almost all parts of a human's necessity, which starts from simplest up to the most complex area a man could think of. This time, there is another hobby, or people say it as a toy, but can be considered as a smartphone as well.

According to a post via PC Mag, a group of researchers unveil a phone that looks like a Rubik's cube; however, a more flexible one. Though this is still a prototype, people will get to be curious about it because it is so new to the eyes and ears. Soon, this will be a smartphone that morphs or changes its figure, which depends on the preference of the user/owner.

According to Endgadget, a team that comes from the University of Bristol's Interaction Group have designed this what they called "Cubimorph." It is a single display built out of smaller, six sided cubes. Each of it has OLED touchscreens. The cubes are chained together and can be repositioned with just a little flexing. It can be thought that the device is flat yet it can be reformed, folded and reconfigured.

In addition, an algorithm will help determine the best way to reshape it into a desired figure. According to a Bristol University lecturer, Anne Roudaut, "Cubimorph" is the first step toward a real modular interactive device. Since what they unveiled is just a prototype, they admitted that there is still a lot of work to do to better the project.

Whatever the outcome will be, it is definite that it will have its time to surface and make people love it. As of the press time, these creative minds are still thinking the best possible things to improve "Cubimorph."

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