Apple’s CarPlay Features Now Approved By BMW X5 M, BMW X6 M Models; Apple Wants To Integrate Tech Upgrade In All Cars?

By Alexa Parker , May 23, 2016 07:05 AM EDT

BMW X5 M and BMW X6 M now support Apple's CarPlay features for use. Also, it has been speculated that Apple is planning to integrate its tech upgrade in all cars that have the capability and the platform to work with Apple's CarPlay features.

Given the marketing decision of BMW to integrate Apple's CarPlay features, Apple's strategic tech gear has finally been touching diverse car brands. Although it is not an epic achievement by both BMW and Apple, it is still a collaboration that has been anticipated to occur.

MacWorld reports that BMW is finally integrating CarPlay support in some of its models to be released later this year. BMW has confirmed through its German catalog, and the price list mentions that BMW 5X and 6X M will have the tech gear included in their product segments.

Looking back, according to the same report, BMW has been mentioned by Apple's official website regarding the integration of CarPlay but there has not been any specific car segments that were named.

Also, the former statements released by BMW's head of research and development Klaus Froehlich revealed that, "We do not collaborate to open our ecosystems but we find ways because we respect each other."

It appears that Apple has already placed everything on the table, and its CarPlay feature is already designed to work with the in-car entertainment systems of most car brands. BMW was one of the last holdouts on bringing CarPlay features to its segments, reports CDA News.

Anyone who owns a car that has room for a double DIN, twice the size of a standard car stereo, can use the CarPlay features through an aftermarket stereo system. Manufacturers like Pioneer, Alpine, Kenwood and JVC offer head units that will connect with iPhones to offer the popular content connectivity, reports the same post.

It is undeniable that Apple wants to retain the top spot by becoming one of the first in-car entertainment features that would be used by most car brands. Now that BMW has rendered positive feedbacks through the integration of the CarPlay features in BMW X5 M and BMW X6 M models, Apple might have the possibility to realize its dreams and aspirations.

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