'God Of War 4' Update: What We Know So Far

If, in one way or another, "God of War 4" will not see the light of day, thousands of fans will surely be disappointed. After all, they have since begging Sony to come up with yet another installment for the franchise. But as long as there is no official announcement, people can continue to anticipate.

There have been lots of talks about "God of War 4" over the past few months -- from Thor becoming the new protagonist all the way to Sony finally unveiling the game at E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo). This only goes to show how popular the series have been since the release of the first installment.

According to MNR Daily, there is a high possibility that Sony will include "God of War 4" during its E3 presentation. And it is, in fact, the best event for the studio to introduce such a long-hauled game. Besides, the convention is famous for all shows pertaining to computers and video games, among others.

If "God of War 4" is indeed happening, what is it going to be? How will the developers make Kratos famous once again?

Others suggest that it is actually far better for Sony to introduce a new protagonist -- Thor, in particular. In fact, many believe that doing such is the best way to bring a fresh perspective to a franchise that has since been in the gaming realm for years. Fans certainly have no issue with Kratos, only that they are hungry for something new.

Putting Kratos aside, Thor is actually a great addition. With him being a Norse god, the game's title fits well. Moreover, bringing the God of Thunder is paramount to other Norwegian deities. Talking about Loki and the great bearded Odin.

While Thor in "God of War 4" is an interesting idea to have, it seems unlikely to happen. According to International Business Times, Kratos will still be the game's hero, only he will take the mythology into the Norse Realm.

There is no doubt that "God of War 4" remains to be one of the most highly anticipated games. Hence, fans have shown great response to every story that pertains to the said game. While Sony remains mum about the title's release, there is still hope in every way.

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