'GTA' 5 DLC Update: Awesome New Jobs Revealed for PS4, Xbox One & PC

Grand Theft Auto V's fans are still waiting and hoping for more updates regarding the rumored game's new DLC single player mode. However, while plans for GTA V DLC it have not been revealed, new exciting fan-themed jobs have been unveiled for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC by the game developers out.

According to Express, Rockstar rolled out their new capture job list. Here is the list for GTA 5's PS4 and PS3 jobs.

1. Prison Break

The job is set in prison where gamers can break in and out of prison, fight against prison guards or other inmates and try to breakout with a team.

2. Central Unit job

This job involves two rival prison gangs and an epic fight. Gangs who win will dominate the jail area. Teams will be armed with Advanced Rifles to Molotovs for the battle.

Xbox One and Xbox 360 jobs:

1. High Profile Transport

This Capture centers on a prison convoy, which is in danger of being compromised. One team can play the role of couriers, driving to guide a Police Prison Bus with an important cargo.

3. Prison Trench Run

This thrilling job is an off-road land-race, set in some deep trenches to navigate. Developers have warned players not to use Sanchez or Blazer on the game.

For GTA 5 on PC jobs:

1. Penitentiary Panic

This kind of capture will set the player along with his teammates on a gun and hunt adventure. 

2. Prison Yard LTS job,

This capture will involve strategy in order to defeat the opponent team. To protect one's self, players must use weapons, like Sawed-off Shotguns and AP Pistols.

Having these awesome fan-themed jobs will definitely keep GTA fans busy. However, gamers are still drooling for rumors about Rockstar's new Grand Theft Auto V single-player DLC. 

Christian Today reported, a video game YouTuber, known only as DomlsLiveo speculates that the game will cost more than $49.99 since will have to work in a new story, gameplay, new map designs, characters and more.

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