Audi A3 And A5 Review: Refreshed And Better Features On The Wraps

By Alexa Parker , Jun 02, 2016 05:40 AM EDT

Recent reviews regarding Audi A3 And A5 unveiled with refreshing modifications and upgrades that stand out. It seems that the cars are constantly upgraded and modified to provide refreshed and better features for all car drivers out there.

The new generation of the Audi A5 will be officially revealed on June 2 with the company live-streaming the event online and the two-door version of the A4 is expected to be lighter by up to 100kg (220 pounds) and offer more room inside, courtesy of a longer wheelbase, reports Carscoops.

The engine range will mirror that of the A4 as well, meaning a wide selection of turbocharged four-cylinder petrol and diesel engines, with more expensive versions coming with either Petrol or a Diesel V6 turbocharged unit, according to the same report.

Another feature most car enthusiasts could enjoy is the Virtual Cockpit digital display. Besides incorporating the two-door body style, the new A5 would also get to have a convertible and a Sportback segment.

It has also been projected that the new segments would be refreshing and better owing to the turbo charged 3.0-liter V6 element that would soon replace the aspirated 4.2-liter V8. Also, the segment is anticipated to have an output that is close to 500hp.

On a different note, Audi is not only wrapping up the state of the art features for Audi A3 And A5 but notions of the car company strengthening its Audi 2 segment is escalating. On an extent, there is nothing rugged or sporty about Q2 because it features a more soft-roader variety. For one, the adaptive dampers are optional, and in their softest setting offers a supple ride than the passive setup, maintaining comfort levels, reports Top Gear.

All the more, the jolts and crashes remained manageable, and things smoothed out significantly when the road surface improved, bodes well for the Audi Q2, as noted by the same post.

For Audi, improvements are crucial to maintain dominance in the car industry. For Audi A3 and A5, the features under wraps imply the strong stance of Audi to gain the upper edge in the race for the gears, the gold and the glory.

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