‘The Division’ Still Fastest-Selling IP; Game’s Servers Shutting Down

By Alvin Elfwine , Jun 04, 2016 05:50 AM EDT

When "Overwatch" was launched, fans witnessed the greatness of Blizzard in the digital gaming industry. After all, the game received impressive reviews from gamers and critics alike. While it is safe to say that the game is among the finest ones today, it still did not manage to remove "The Division" from its throne. Meanwhile, the servers for Ubisoft's tentpole title are shutting down in hopes to fix some in-game issues.

Yes, "Overwatch" is a massive hit, with numbers backing it all up. And with the game acquiring over 7 million players, it is safe to say that it is one of the largest titles since its release.

While "Overwatch" is clearly raking sales, it is far from being the number one fastest-selling new IP of all time. According to Forbes, "The Division" is still the king of throne, with a figure of $330 million in a short span of five days.

It is worth noting that "The Division" unseated Activision's "Destiny" ($325 million over the same period of five days) when it was first launched. Clearly, "The Division" is still by far the best selling new IP to date.

If "Overwatch" has an estimated 7 million player pool, the total sales could be between $350 million and $400 million. Of course, this is only possible if all players bought the $60 version of the game. However, the title's $40 version should also be taken into consideration.

Sure, the said figures for Blizzard's game are quite high; however, such milestone was reached only 10 days after its release. While "The Division" from Ubisoft, in one way or another, acquired the numbers in just five days. Clearly, the math explains it all.

Meanwhile, VGA247 reports that "The Division" servers are to be shut down, as developers try to resolve all ongoing bugs. The game is said to be unplayable in a period of 3 hours. The scheduled maintenance will fix the bugs found in High Value Target daily missions as well as the glitch in the Mobile Cover.

Bugs in the final cutscene (where it will only be triggered once an incursion is completed) are also going to be fixed. Moreover, issues in the Clear Sky incurision will be addressed, too. 

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