New 'God Of War 4' Rumors: Insider Claims Game To Appear At E3

Rumors about Sony releasing "God of War 4" started around in April. It was when leaked concept arts found their way on the internet, hinting a new setting for the supposed installment. And now, a reliable gaming insider has claimed that the upcoming game will indeed be unveiled at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) event.

It seems all speculations about Sony unleashing "God of War 4" at E3 are true. According to SegmentNext, an industry source named Shinobi602 confirmed that the presence of the alleged title in the aforesaid event is happening.

In a HamRadio podcast, Shinobi602 admits being a fan of Sony due to the "Uncharted" franchise and, more importantly, "God of War." He expects the company to present "God of War 4" at E3, which will happen from June 14 to June 16.

Shinobi602 says that the presence of "God of War 4" at E3 is not really a question. However, it remains unknown if the game will still feature Kratos as the main character. Or perhaps, fans will be seeing a new protagonist and/or storyline.

Gamepur, on the other hand, cites that the leaked "God of War 4" concept arts shows what appears to be Kratos. The character in the images has similar appearance and physique to the titular protagonist. However, it has a full-grown beard and red markings (akin to Kratos'). But apart from this, the character is wielding an axe, contrary to the Blades of Chaos.

The third installment in the franchise was released way back 2013 for PlayStation 3. Ever since then, no new title was unleashed, although Sony did develop a remastered version for "God of War 3." Hence fans have been hoping for "God of War 4" to happen.

It is worth noting that it was also Shinobi602 who leaked the aforementioned "God of War 4" concept arts in April. And if these are indeed true, then players might take a trip to the Nordic mythology.

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