Can Android Run On iPhones?

By Victor Thomson , Jun 09, 2016 05:40 AM EDT

Nick Lee, developer and Tendigi CTO, has designed a specialized case that allows Android to run on an iPhone.

According to MacRumors, Lee is already known for its project to run Windows 95 on an apple Watch. Now, the developer created a 3D printed iPhone case with a battery pack, a built-in Lemaker HiKey board and other hardware required to support a version of Android.

Lee's Android case is conceptual, like Windows 95 running on the Apple Watch. The custom built case is not practical for real world use. However, this is an interesting experiment on making Android to work with an iPhone.

By plugging the case into an iPhone's Lightning port, the iPhone transforms into a display that emulates touch events on Android. The Android OS is powered by the hardware in the case, while the iPhone is able to display the Android operating system,

Lee presents all the details of his project in a blog post on Medium. He explains that the customized version of Android Marshmallow is based on cloning the Android Open Source Project.

The developer was able to minimize the size of the case containing the hardware parts after several experiments with 3D printing. He also had to experiment in order to optimize the connection between the iPhone and the case. The end result of his project is a relatively thick and not so pretty case that allows the iPhone control and display a version of Android. 

According to Engadget, before to build the specialized case for running Android on the iPhone, Lee has testes the concept by streaming Android across to an iPhone through a cable. The developer also designed software able to send touch-input from the iPhone to the Android device and to transmit what was happening on the Android devices' screen to the iPhone.

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