Nintendo NX Delayed For VR Capability Upgrade

Nintendo might be delaying its new NX console to prepare it for virtual reality capabilities, according to a source.

DigiTimes reported that the production of the Nintendo NX will start early next year instead. If this is indeed true, then it would be impossible for Nintendo to deliver the goods in time for its March 2017 release date promise, according to PC Advisor.

The VR capability rumors sprung from a recent trailer reveal from Zockrates Laboratories' upcoming game Riverside. The trailer revealed at the end that the game is in development for both the Nintendo NX and Oculus Rift, which corroborates the rumors.

On a Twitter post, however indie studio ZockLabs confirmed that it has not received any development kits yet for the Nintendo NX. Some Twitter users have expressed their doubts about the announcement, with some even accusing the studio of using Nintendo NX's name to boost its own.

The late Satoru Iwata has confirmed in 2015 that the Nintendo NX, codenamed "Project NX", will be a dedicated game platform with a brand new concept, according to IBTimes.

If Nintendo NX will indeed have VR capability when it comes out, it will be pitting itself against Sony's rumored PS4 Neo, also known as PS4.5. Sony's future console is rumored to have VR capabilities as well, and will be compatible with its Playstation VR headset.

The PS4 Neo is also rumored to be out soon, with Gamestop's COO Tony Bartel calling its launch "imminent". If the rumors are proven correct, then Nintendo might have some competition with Sony's newest Playstation model.

On the other hand, there are also rumors of Microsoft working on its own VR games for the Xbox, and its rumored Xbox One Slim might just be compatible with the Oculus Rift.

Nintendo will have a problem taking off the console market if the two game giants are apparently ahead of the VR game.

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