IoT Job Market's Future Trends

By Victor Thomson , Jun 13, 2016 06:10 AM EDT

The Internet of Things (IoT) is becoming increasingly embedded within our business and personal lives and its influence is definitely growing everywhere, including in the job market future trends.

According to Computerworld, IoT technologies allow tasks to be done faster, better and cheaper. Deploying IoT applications creates new opportunities in various fields, from energy and smart cities to intelligent transportation.

Tech experts and job market analysts agree that the Internet of Things will definitely bring big technological change, some even talking about a new technological revolution. However, since the dawn of technology, people have been afraid of technological advances eliminating their jobs.

According to Tech Crunch, over the next decade, with the emergent field of the Internet of Things, we will see many business models improving efficiency by eliminating manual labor. In the near future, every industry that involves equipment or electronics can expect some major disruptions in terms of employment.

The adoption of IoT technology, however, will be driven by business need. The Internet of Things will not only eliminate jobs but will also create new job opportunities. In building new innovative IoT solutions for consumers, companies will need to hire experts in the new technology.

The skills required in the IoT industry will include experience with coding, knowledge of various programming languages and the ability to take an interactive approach to work. In the corporate IT job lists will appear a demand for the IoT Manager, a new senior-level position.

The implementation of IoT technologies will have the same effect as technology does everywhere. It will replace the need for some low-skill jobs with high-skill jobs. The Internet of Things will lead, eventually, to widespread replacement of repetitive and simple jobs in various areas such as administration, manufacturing, planning and quality control.

Among the list of the new jobs created by the "IoT revolution" include Chief Internet of Things Officer (CIoTO) and IoT Business Designer. Most of the market analysts agree that the Internet of Things will lead to the creation of new jobs that will help enterprises not only their personal success with the implementation of IoT, but the success of the business as well.

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