Xbox One Slim Leaked Before E3: 5 Things You Need To Know

Microsoft has yet to formally announce the release of the next Xbox, but the details of the upcoming Xbox Slim, also called the Xbox One S, are already available. From the specs to the design of the new console, it certainly seems like Microsoft has put in a lot of work into the creation of the same. Here's the top details out right now.

  1. According to Engadget, the first images of the Xbox One S were made available by members of the NeoGAF forum and the console has gone through some major changes. Firstly, in a completely aesthetic stand point, the item is an estimated 40% smaller and now comes in a white patterned case.
  2. The power brick is internal in the new console as well, meaning that the power supply is built in.

  3. The same publication also claims that the system will support both 4K video and High Dynamic Range content. This means that nothing has been spared to visually provide users the utmost best and most modern experience.

  4. Thew new item will reportedly also sport a 2TB hard drive, meaning users will no longer have to worry about playing numerous games and simply keeping files for future use.

  5. The Verge adds that Microsoft has provided the option of a vertical stand, meaning that the console will not have to sit vertically anymore, as well as a "streamlined controller." From the images, not much can be determined about what exactly was "streamlined" or changed, but it is expected to be easier to use for the player.

Unfortunately, the leaked images did not come with pricing or a launch date. More specific details will be made available after Microsoft's official press conference at E3. For now, a spokesperson from the company has answered requests for a comment to the rumors by mysteriously replying with "¯\_(ツ)_/¯." 

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