Game Developers Push Virtual Reality At E3

The Electronic Entertainment Expo is being held in Los Angeles this year and there is definitely more than game announcements going on. Attendees of the conference were given VR headsets and the chance to experience gaming in a whole different level.

As reported by WSJ, those interested in VR in E3 doubled this year from the last. This only goes to show that the interest is definitely growing and that the tech enthusiasts are eager to learn about any new developments.

The publication notes that VR is a platform that anyone can enter. In fact, very few "big names" have made a step into VR and that market is currently run by more independent game producers.

Reuters notes that the attendees of E3 were able to look into fantasy worlds, as well as battle robotic creatures and even command entire starships. Some game developers even announced that games in their current roster will soon have a VR option. Bethesda, for example, will have a VR offering for "Fallout 4" and "Doom."

Naturally, it is not just game developers that are keeping up with this growing trend. Console manufacturers like Sony and Microsoft are planning to cash into this as well. In October, a PlayStation VR headset will be released. Some games will be exclusive to PlayStation VR, such as "Star Wars: Battlefront X-Wing VR Mission" and "Star Trek: Bridge Crew." Microsoft's Project Scorpio, which will be VR compatible, will follow in 2017.

There is definitely some skepticism surrounding the VR industry still. There are questions about why gamers would spend money on a new console when they have already invested in another, or how long people are actually willing to keep the VR headsets on.

Sony Interactive Entertainment America's vice president, John Koller, remains positive. He said, "VR is going to be shorter, very intense bursts. We see it chopped up into these experiences that are very exciting and emotionally driven."

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