Is SnapChat Leading The Way To The Future Of Journalism?

By Adie Pieraz , Jun 21, 2016 05:20 AM EDT

SnapChat has certainly expanded from a mere app that protects the privacy and shortens the lifespan of photos and videos. It has become a way for celebrities to reach their fans and a way for publications to share news as well. But SnapChat now has its eyes set on a digital magazine, which is set to launch as soon as June 27.

According to The Indian Express, the online magazine will be called "Real Life." Its editor-in-chief, Nathan Jurgenson, who is also a current SnapChat employee, made the announcement himself. The focus of the digital publication will be technology, but will take a different angle than most technology-based websites today.

Jurgenson instead wrote on Real Life blog post that, it will center on "how we live today and how our lives are mediated by devices."

Though SnapChat is generally video-based, Real Life has made plans to release at least one piece of writing for each weekday. These include essays, arguments and narratives - all having to do with technology and how the public reacts to it. Because these pieces will be written work, SnapChat has again expanded their reach. These articles will not be restricted to mobile devices because the works will be viewable on desktops as well.

As Jurgenson explains, "Snapchat is now funding Real Life and we have editorial independence... we can focus on writers and writing rather than clicks and shares."

Of course, this move of SnapChat is not entirely selfless. The app company has recently started to consider placing ads between friends' stories in an attempt to earn more from the app. A web-based extension will certainly give SnapChat a greater area for profit.

Whatever the motive is, this new venture of SnapChat will surely be an interesting one. "When you see the full site, the content will... speak for itself," Jugernson claims. 

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