New Diabetes Treatment To Hit The Market By Next Year; Artificial Pancreas To Make Needles Obsolete For Diabetics

Those that are diagnosed with diabetes have a lot to live with, including medication, regular check-ups and monitored exercise. One regular fixing that diabetic people have in particular is blood pricking, which allows doctors to check their patients' blood sugar. However, new research is showing that there is another, more efficient, alternative.

The Daily Times Gazette notes Type 1 diabetes occurs when an individual's pacreas is attached and damaged by one's immune system. Because the pancreas is constantly attacked, it no longer supports the production of insulin, which in turn controls the level of blood sugar. However, advances in technology have allowed scientists to somehow imitate these beta cells, particularly how they release insulin at the right time and in the right amounts.

This will not only eliminate the need for the finger pricks, but will also elimate the post-prick activities. That is, all that is done depending on what the prick shows. All of the regulation will be coming from the artificial pancreas that is controlled by an electronic device no bigger than the average smartphone.

However, the artificial pancreas is still in its infancy and therefore not yet fully developed. In fact, Inquisitr notes that it may be some time before it becomes available on the market. However, it makes the possibility of an easier life within reach in the next two years.

The device works when attached to the clothes of the diabetic. Once attached, it will monitor the blood sugar of the wearer and will release insulin as needed. It runs automatically so diabetics can go about their lives normally.

The study was developed by Doctors Roman Hovorka and Hood Thabit. According to their report, "In trials to date, users have been positive about how use of an artificial pancreas gives them 'time off,' or a 'holiday' from their diabetes management, since the system is managing their blood sugar effectively without the need for constant monitoring by the user."

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