Microsoft To Release Surface All-In-One Desktop: Everything You Need To Know

Microsoft's 2-in-1 Surface line has been successful and widely popular as of late. And yet, there are now rumors that Microsoft is following it up with something even more interesting: The Surface All-In-One. This new gadget is meant to rival Apple's current MacBook Pro, and will be a desktop PC. It is expected to be released within the current quarter. As such, the launch of the next Surface Notebook is expected to be pushed back until 2017.

Microsoft has not released the Surface All-In-One (AIO) because the company is waiting for Intel's Kaby Lake processor, The Next Web reports. The Surface AIO would sit comfortable between the current Surface Book line and a much larger desktop. And while most consumers have focused squarely on notebooks, a Surface AIO could put desktop and PC hardware back in the game.

The publication goes on to share that while the AIO PC market is experiencing a decline, Apple is still proud to share that demand for the MacBook is on a steady rise. If marketed well and priced correctly, Microsoft's All-In-One is speculated to experience the same trend. In fact, it may even become an enterprise favorite.

While nothing is set in stone and Microsoft has declined to comment on the rumor, it would make some sense for the company to move forward. After all, Forbes notes that by creating their own hardware, tailor fit to run on its software, Microsoft is putting itself on a pedestal as the number one in software creation as well.

On a more practical note, the publication argues that this is what the Surface line is currently missing. There is no doubt that consumers are satisfied with the Surface and Surface Pro Hybrid, but there is still a market to tap into that would prefer something bigger and more powerful.

Just as the Surface and Surface Pro have proved to be amazing competition for the iPad and iPad Pro, Microsoft could be in the middle of launching the biggest competition Apple's MacBook has ever faced.

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