Why The HTC Vive Is Outselling The Oculus Rift

A year ago, many believed that the Oculus Rift would have dominated the Virtual Reality realm, which it did during its early release. Since then, however, another player has taken the lead, in numbers and maybe through popularity as well.

The HTC Vive is currently outselling the Oculus Rift by around 2 to 1, a number which would have never been guessed at when the platform opened to the public. The Oculus Rift had a very successful and promising start with its Kickstarter campaign. Game Debate adds that there was also a big Facebook payout.

Neither of these things, however, directly translated to constant and high sales numbers. Although the Oculus Rift dominated the market back in April, holding almost 85% of VR users on Steam, it has since decreased to just 33%. On the other hand, the 16% market share of the HTC Vive on Steam has since increased to 67%.

In the span of two months, HTC has more than quadrupled its share. Unfortunately for the Oculus Rift, these numbers mean a great decline in their numbers. What makes it even more surprising is the price difference. The HTC Vive will cost a user almost $800, while the Oculus Rift will cost significantly less at $600. PC Perspective explains why the numbers have shifted so greatly.

The number one reason is that the HTC is readily available to users that want to try out the experience of virtual reality. HTC promises to deliver within two or three working days and has evidently carried through on their promise. Meanwhile, the Oculus website asks for buyers to wait until August. For those itching to get their hands on a VR console, the question is easily answered.

The publication does go on to say that the numbers might be slightly skewed at this point and that Steam's numbers are not all there is to look at. At this point, it might be too early to tell which among the two choices are better based solely on these numbers.

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