'God Of War 4' Has A Button Exclusively For Kratos' Son; Devs Explain The Change In Game's Camera Angle

"God of War 4" has been a highly anticipated game since its announcement at Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3). Unlike its predecessors, however, the iconic Kratos will find himself a stranger in a new setting, that is, the Norse mythology. Apart from that, he brings his son into battle with him. Sony explains how a button works specifically for the protagonist's kid and the changes the studio made to the camera angles of the game.

According to Game & Guide, "God of War 4" will feature a button that is exclusively meant for Kratos' son. The button shall enable players to control him, especially when aiding his father during battles. It should be noted that the boy will be present in every exploration or combat in the game.

The son's button in "God of War 4" is among the many face buttons mapped directly to command the kid in every combat. In fact, through it, players can fire arrows and even aim at targets Kratos is fighting against in the game.

"God of War 4" introduces a new setting as well, namely Norwegian mythology. As Kratos tries to explore every corner of this new world, his relationship with son will tend to grow. This only shows what an important role the son will be playing.

GamingBolt, on the other hand, notes that the dramatic change in "God of War 4's" camera angle is one of the unique changes Sony decided to apply. In the previous installments, it was all fixed; however, in the new title, it will be free. This alone significantly changes the entire experience as far as the gameplay is concerned.

Sony Santa Monica's very own Jeet Shroff and Mihir Sheth, the Gameplay Engineering Lead and Technical Designer respectively, explained that they wanted to achieve "a very immersive player experience." They add that in order to make "God of War 4" seamless, in one way or another, changing its camera perspective is of utmost importance.

The two said that with "God of War 4" having a freed camera angle, each combat encounter will seem to be more personal. Taking into consideration how intimate the experience could be, the new camera angle could really showcase how much Kratos could lose in this fourth installment.

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