Snapchat 'Memories' Section Guide: How To Download And Use The New Feature

By Adie Pieraz , Jul 07, 2016 05:10 AM EDT

Snapchat has made a name for itself as a photo and video sharing app. However, there are memories that sometimes lost in the night that users wish they could take back and relive. Fortunately, Snapchat has made the necessary additions to accommodate and regain these important memories.

Users need to only update the current Snapchat app in order to obtain the "Memories" feature. As C|Net notes, the app company is rolling out the feature to their different users within the month. Once updated, a new icon will appear beneath the camera button. Users need to only swipe up this icon to access their Memories.

Creating memories are as easy as saving to one's camera roll in the older version of Snapchat. In fact, users need only press the save icon as usual in order to make memories. The only difference with saving memories is that the post will be saved onto Snapchat, instead of the handheld's camera roll. When the memories icon is swiped up, the saved snaps are there. Users then need only hold on to the specific snap they want to hold until the "Create story from this snap" option appears.

Of course, Snapchat still allows some privacy. For memories that are best left unseen, Snapchat has an option to hide these under a blanket of a passcode - just in case someone who borrows a phone gets any ideas. Another good aspect of the feature is that the memories are saved onto the app's servers. This means that memories can be accessed through different gadgets, as long as the same account is used.

For those who prefer to keep things more original or are paranoid about servers saving photos and videos, the Memories section also allows saving onto the camera roll.

As Mashable notes, this is a very smart and efficient move for Snapchat, mostly because users are now given more flexibility. Not only can users now easily save their snaps, but because photo and videos not taken within the app can now be shared as well.

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