NASA Finds Signs Of Life On Mars; Alien Message In Morse Code Discovered Say Conspiracy Theorists

By Adie Pieraz , Jul 12, 2016 06:09 AM EDT

Mars is arguably the most interesting planet to explore in the Solar System. One reason for this is that there have been plenty of findings that seem to support the theory that Alien Species once resided, or currently reside in Mars. Recently added to the growing list is a message that conspiracy theorists believe are from the Martians themselves.

According to The Mirror, Astronomers from NASA spotted the message, spelled out in Morse code near the northern pole of the planet. The message was written in sand dunes in a pattern of dots and dashes. The images were correspondingly sent to SecureTeam10, a group of UFO experts. SecureTeam10 then analyzed the footage and the group's findings were shared online.

When the "code" was translated into English, it was all just gibberish. However, Tyler from SecureTeam10 shares that it may need to be translated to an Alien language, or even just one of the Earth's ancient languages. Chances are, however, that it is all just a coincidence.

Even Tyler admits that "Obviously, I don't think it's likely that aliens are writing secret messages into the soil on Mars. Nonetheless, the reason I wanted to show you guys this is simply because of the beautiful imagery captured in these Martian dunes."

In fact, The Science Explorer explains that NASA has already released a statement on the same topic. The statement states that a circular depression which occurred years ago has limited the amount of sand available for any dune formation in the Red Planet.

Reportedly, this is why the dunes currently form dots and dashes. The dashes are simply linear dunes that have been formed by bi-directional winds, which do not travel parallel to it. In other words, two winds coming from two different directions. The dashes are formed when these winds meet. The dots, on the other hand, form because of an interruption in the forming of these linear dunes.

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