How 'God Of War 4' Differs From Previous Installments In The Series

"God of War 4" was one of the biggest reveals at the recently concluded Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) last June. Although there were lots of speculations about the game's features beforehand, it all made sense when Sony finally unveiled it. With everything that is being offered at the table, it seems the upcoming title totally differs from its predecessors.

If the previous games in the series featured the beauty and viciousness of the Greek mythology, "God of War 4" will significantly take a different approach. This time, players will be exploring the vastness of Norse mythology. Kratos will traverse the new land as a complete stranger, only that he is accompanied by his son.

According to WhatCulture, "God of War 4's" creative director Cory Barlog explained how the game is set before the Viking era. That it will efficiently showcase the time when the gods were on Earth.

This one alone elevates "God of War 4" from the rest of previous games. The upcoming title finds the titular character journeying the massiveness of Norway. And what makes it more interesting is the addition of a kid. This further cements that game's aesthetics of incorporating a family-like atmosphere, which is something that old series did not even showcase.

As for Kratos' son, HNGN reports that he will have his own "God of War 4" button called the "son button." It will be directly mapped as among the inclusions of the buttons found on DualShock 4. The said feature will allow players to utilize the kid into combat mode.

Apart from that, "God of War 4" will be incorporated with a different camera angle trick, something that is completely far from what the previous installments offered. This change alone will give players the chance to engage very deeply with both the story and combat.

Clearly, Sony is taking a huge step towards "God of War 4" as a whole. That aside from the whole aesthetics of the game, its essence in one way or another is completely unique from the franchise. The game is slated to arrive on PS4 sometime Holiday season this year.

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