10 Battery Draining Android Apps; How To Save Power

The battery is the very lifeline of today's mobile devices. Users are very particular when it comes to the length of time they can use either on their smartphones or tablets. While users' activities are to blame for the seemingly insufficient battery life, some apps are actually draining your portable power without you even knowing it. In order, to save on power and have longer usage of your phone per charge, here is a list of the ten battery draining android apps to avoid.

10 Battery Draining Android Apps

1. Facebook – Social media platform eating battery life with constant news feed updates.
2. Snapchat – Similar to Facebook as a social platform with images and video uploads causing about 11Mb of temporary files retained according to Business Insider. Cahing requires power consumption as well.
3. 9GAG Funny Pics & Videos – Graphics heavy app including images, videos and memes which consume power through rendering.
4. Instagram – Image heavy app that consuming battery life during screen rendering.
5. Spotify Music – An app that lets you to listen to your favourite music and even full albums enticing one to drain batteries for hours of listening.
6. Microsoft Outlook – Windows based platform for sending email communications that requires higher power consumption for those with attachments.
7. QQ (Tencent Technology) - Instant Messegaing apps that lets you send texts and do calls prompting an even greater power requirement for voice communication.
8. textPlus Free Text & Calls - Same with QQ in terms of consumiing more power for frequent text updates with graphic messages.
9. Wattpad Free Books & Stories – Requires full battery power to retain in page screen rendering of texts.
10. Super Bright LED Torch – An app that lets you use your Smartphone as a flashlight but also consumes heavily on battery power especially for dual LED phones.

While Android based mobile phones are struggling to find the best solution in prolonging battery life, these apps will continue to hog on your device's power if you are not able to manage to efficiently. According to CNet, you can save power when you clear your cache for unimportant files, turn on power saving features on the phone and turning off app notifications or automatic updates to keep your phone running longer between charges.

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