Aliens To Arrive By 2026, Claim Astronomers

Most people fancy the fact that alien life might exist in the billions of planets and stars in the universe. While this notion is still science fiction, astronomers have claimed that alien interaction will be possible in the next decade as more scientific instruments are paving the way for such discovery.

A report from Express claims that aliens indeed exist and that it is only a matter of time when we are able to discover it. The main conclusive aspect of the claim is that our universe can play host to different types of planets including those similar to Earth. For this possibility, it is more likely to find life forms that co-exist with such environments.

According to the report, Dr. Kevin Hand of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory said that missions to the surface of Europa (one of Jupiter's moons) have indicated that there is a form of liquid water that may be able to support life. In the coming years, we may just be able to find proof that organic life is present in such areas of the solar system he said.

Observatory experiments at the surface of Europa have provided clues to experts that there exists a 100 km deep ocean. With such environment, it is possible to sustain life as complex chemical reactions could occur, which is similar to Earth.

Yahoo's article also pointed out that it is more practical to find alien life within the solar system since our technology is readily available to do so. The international team of astronomers has recently discovered three Earth-like exoplanets just around the solar system that could potentially sustain organic life. The sides of the said planets either have too hot or too cold environments but scientists are optimistic that they have sweet spots where life can flourish.

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