Surprising 'Pokemon Go' Health Benefits, Pikachu Can Actually Make You Fit

"Pokemon Go" fans now have another reason to get addicted to the game as health benefits of the game have been established. The world is going crazy on this latest game app in which one tries to catch as many monsters as much as possible while strolling around the neighborhood.

"Pokemon Go," which is now available in the Android and Apple Store, has been one of the most popular games in recent weeks. While many people dish out the harmful effects of the game due to safety issues of the players there is some evidence that "Pokemon Go" benefits one's health, which can not be ignored.

According to the University of Toronto, the onset of "Pokemon Go" has enabled people to go out of their homes and leave their sedentary lifestyle. The biggest implication and benefit of "Pokemon Go" game right now is fitness. People need to walk several yards in order to catch those elusive augmented reality monsters on their phones.

Experts say that people do not usually associate fun with fitness. But the latest "Pokemon Go" craze has disproved that, making sure that players reach their cardio exercise goals without even realizing it. A study shows that people who download physical fitness apps or exercise apps only use them for at least three months until they get bored. However, it seems that "Pokemon Go" is going to be an attractive option to walk several miles a day.

Livescience also pointed out that "exergames," or those games that require a form of physical exercise is not new. In the past, Nintendo Wii was successful in helping people do physical activities for health benefits while playing virtual games.

The same is to be seen with "Pokemon Go" but with a higher degree of activity and involvement. "Pokemon Go" health benefits are not only confined to the physical aspect of the game but also involve exposing people to a better environment.

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