Robot Wars' Returns After 13 Years; Dara O’Briain, Angela Scanlon Replaces Jeremy Clarkson

By Benjie Batanes , Jul 25, 2016 07:01 AM EDT

Robot Wars has return after 13 years of absence in the television screen. Some of the show's casts such as Jeremy Clarkson have been replaced by Dara O'Briain and Angela Scanlon.

Clarkson and Phillipa Forrester were the first hosts of Robot Wars during the late 1990s. Robotics professor Noel Sharkey has resumed his duty as one of the judges in the show, according to the BBC. He recently shared his thoughts in joining the first Robot Wars shows.

Sharkey said that he was first reluctant in joining Robot Wars. He thought he would be criticized for condoning the seemingly violent theme of the show. However, he was pleasantly surprise by the enthusiasm of the young robot builders and their extensive knowledge of robotics.

Many of the young robot makers and fans of the show eventually took up engineering courses and became successful in their field. Sharkey found himself awed by the tenacity and passion of the robot makers. Many of them did not go the University but the knowledge they had accumulated in the Robot Wars series have helped them get good positions in various work places, according to Sharkey.

The robotics expert is also glad that the show will return with a larger female participant base. He hoped that her fellow judge Doctor Lucy Rogers can convinced more females to participate in the Robot Wars.

The professor takes exception though on critics' charges that the show glorifies violence. There have been some concerns on robot being used to kill people in the Middle East and recently by the Dallas police. Sharkey mentioned that he is part of a group against the use of robots as weapons. Robot Wars is different since its pit humans and their creation against each other.

Andrew Robertson is the show runner for the resurrected Monster Wars show, according to the BBC. Robot Wars has aired again on July 24 at BBC Channel Two.

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