iPad Pro 2 Image Leaked, Are We Expecting A 2016 Release Date?

The new generation iPad Pro 2 image leak has attracted so much attention now that many consider it long overdue. At least two photos leaks of Ipad Pro 2 has been circulating online coming from an anonymous source in an Apple Chinese supplier. Based on the image, it seems that the iPad Pro 2 still does not employ the typical numbering system but can be assumed to be at least 12.9-inch iPad Pro.

According to CNET, the iPad Pro 2 is expected to be in production by September but no official specifications are available just yet. In the same report garnered by the AppleInsider, there is not much info available from the same photo but it is assumed to have 12 Gb of internal storage space. The unit is reportedly used only for testing purposes with an operating system iOS 10. The iPad Pro 2 release date in 2016 is yet to be confirmed by Apple.

Macworld also speculates whether the iPad Pro 2 will have at least their line up models for the variant. Apple could fabricate versions like the iPad Pro Mini with a 7.9-inch screen. However, no features and specification details have been released.

Rumors have pointed out that the possible release of the iPad Pro 2 this year will be a better upgrade of last year's in terms of specifications and technical features. Like what the company has been doing in hardware refresh cycles, one could anticipate a faster processor like A10X, a much better camera and True Tone display.

If tech savvy consumers are to be asked, certain features are requested for the iPad Pro 2. A bigger battery will always be an important purchase factor for clients, so longer battery life for the iPad pro 2 will be an advantage. People will also welcome a free pencil stylus since it is separately available for the previous Ipad. Lastly, a better front face camera would be a real stealer to attract the tablet market.

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