'Pokemon Go' News Updates: Niantic Confronts Player Boredom And Bots

"Pokemon Go" has captured the attention of millions of players. However, Niantic needs to tackle the growing boredom of many players to the game as well as the emergence of bots.

Most players are excited when they start playing "Pokemon Go." Each level opens up new features and exciting monsters to catch and train. Unfortunately, many players find their interest in "Pokemon Go" waning as they reached the 20th level, according to Forbes.

This is one challenge that Niantic must address sooner or later. The boredom problem is probably not a concern right now since "Pokemon Go" is still expanding to other countries. Niantic servers could barely accommodate the huge number of players right now. Still, the developer is aware that it must keep the game interesting if it wants to retain its millions of player.

Niantic recently announced at the San DiegComic-Conon the addition of team leaders and that improved poke stops as well as a trading system will soon be put in place. They also promise to fix a number of bugs in the game.

There is however, one issue that Niantic must address as soon as possible. Initially, a number of "Pokemon Go" players resorted to the use of GPS spoofing to track down the monsters, according to an earlier iTech Post report. Those caught were banned for an hour or two before they could return to the game. But it seems that cheaters are becoming more sophisticated with the emergence of bots.

"Pokemon Go" bots are now available to players who are willing to cheat their way in the game according to i4u News. Basically, the bots can inform the user when the Pokemon creatures will appear. It can also catch the Pokemon on its own and without the aid of the human player.

This use of bots is considered cheating according to Niantic rules. However, the developer has yet to develop a way to prevent their use.

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