5 Reasons The 2016 MacBook Pro Will Be A Disappointment; Specs & Feature Review

The rumors and leaks of the much anticipated 2016 MacBook Pro keep hitting the digital trends and majority are eyeing the upgraded notebook a great deal. We cannot help but feast on the image teasers and ambitious functions. However, the following speculations about its specs and features will tell you why the 2016 MacBook Pro will be a disappointment.

1. The OLED function keys are not happening
The Next Web revealed that Apple will keep the new MacBook Pro uncomplicated, thus, installing an OLED Bar as a replacement for the machine's function keys is highly unlikely.

2. The LTE feature is improbable
An additional LTE element is unlikely as it might compromise the sales of Apple's other devices, such as the iPhone. 

3. Touch ID is not necessary
A secured authentication is vital which prompted MacBook Pro users to sign in through the Apple Watch, therefore another level of verifying one’s information will be redundant and time consuming.

4. The Thunderbolt 3 USB-C port is impractical
Having a lightning port for headphones will definitely consume space and might result in errors in the process of transferring data.

5. The claims of a thinner and lighter form are not reasonable
The all new MacBook Pro is set for a better performance, thus, certain upgrades are expected which will require extra room for every function. It means it has to be more powerful and the Pro does not possess an integrated chipset design to master a slim design.

Do you think the said features are not possible? Indeed Apple is a leader in the notebook industry but limitations have to be set. 

The 2016 MacBook Pro will be available by the last quarter of this year. By then, speculations will come to an end and you’ll have yourself as a critic.

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