'Girl Meets World' Season 3 Finale Update: Shawn Hunter's Wedding Photos Leaked; Riley And Maya's Frienship Tested

By Marion , Aug 10, 2016 04:10 AM EDT

"Girl Meets World" recently got more interesting, as the storyline is better than ever. In an upcoming episode, Shawn Hunter will finally tie the knot with Katy. There is more to this on the upcoming episodes of the show.

One of the most famous running shows now on Disney Channel is "Girl Meets World" and its third season is already close to its end. Many have been asking for a renewal on its fourth season since the story is just getting more and more interesting.

In an upcoming episode for "Girl Meets World," this Friday, Shawn Hunter and Katy will finally be getting married, according to Entertainment News. The episode will be entitled "Girl Meets I Do" in reference to the wedding ceremony that is about to take place.

There have been reports that Maya (Sabrina Carpenter) will allegedly have concerns and issues about her mom's upcoming wedding. However, she may be able to overcome them since the promos of the show have shown the wedding going off without a hitch.

As for the love triangle that has been going on with Riley, Lucas and Maya that tested Riley and Maya's friendship; it has already been resolved. Despite the fans wanting to ignite the fire even more, the writers of the show have already settled it, as reported by Movie News Guide.

However, there is still something to look forward to on the upcoming season 3 finale of "Girl Meets World," name the  reunion of the cast of "Boy Meets World." There have been reports that this union will occur on the finale itself and fans of both shows are excited about it.

There have also been speculations that the finale will show Riley making a decision about her future, showing more maturity than ever. She may need to make major life decisions about her education and her love life as well.

As for the fourth season of "Girl Meets World," there hasn't been any confirmation to its renewal or cancellation just yet. However, fans of the show are definitely fighting for it to be renewed.

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