'Pokemon Go' Lazy Guide: How To Catch Pokemon Without Leaving The Comfort Of Your Own Home

"Pokemon GO" has crossed countries, generations and social classes to attain its undeniable popularity. But despite the entire pretense of the game, some players have concocted ingenious hacks to beat the system. And even though Niantic has done its best to keep these hacks at bay, players keep finding ways around them.

One of the most popular hacks has been to use third party Pokemon tracking sites and apps. However, The Bit Bag notes that "Pokemon GO" creators have already disabled these. In order to to keep helping themselves get further in the game with minimal work, players have found another way to go about it. That is, by using an altered "Pokemon GO" APK.

By downloading the modified APK, players can then use a GPS spoofing app. The app then changes the player's location, thereby making it possible to move without actually having to move.

The catch is, however, that players need to start from scratch with the altered "Pokemon GO" AFK. Unfortunately, any developments that have been made will need to be forfeited. Another thing is that players must deactivate their Google Location History, which will prevent Niantic from figuring out that a player is using a GPS spoofing app.

There is another way around this new boundary, which does not require an entirely new journey. It does, however, require a radio-frequency-shielding box. According to The Verge, players need to place their phones in this box.

After which, players can use a signal generator in order to input a fake GPS signal. This fake location is then received by phone and therefore, the "Pokemon GO" app. Walking is then simulated by a joystick and custom software that uses Google Earth.

Of course, this option does have the complication of needing a radio-frequency-shielding box, a signal generator and some other pieces of electronic gear. It must be noted, however that with all hacks players run the risk of being banned from playing if found by Niantic.

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