'Pokemon Go' Update: Niantic Starts Rolling Out Permanent Bans

By Jaswin Singh , Aug 13, 2016 04:30 AM EDT

Niantic, the maker of the hit game Pokémon Go", will now permanently ban cheaters. Pokémon Go players who do not follow its terms of service will be permanently banned from the game.

According to The Verge, bans may differ but all kinds of cheating will be discontinued. Players who use cheats like GPS spoofing, bots and other software techniques will be permanently not allowed to play 'Pokémon Go' again.  If a player is playing "Pokémon Go" outside the limits and rules that Niantic has put, they will also be banned.

For example, GPS spoofing lets the player be in a different place or country and catch a rare Pokémon there. They are deceiving the game into thinking they are located in a specific place which they are not. Another one is the bots. It controls some part of the game which is also restricted.

Since many players are used to using bots to cheat, Niantic has filed legal actions against bots creators and developers who help people cheat. These cheats includes helping the players hatch an egg quickly, go to different places without really moving and claiming a whole Pokestop and claim all the rare and strong Pokémon there.

Niantic posted on their website a note saying all of these things. They specified that they will ban anyone who cheats using the things mentioned above, but not necessarily limited to those. These bans have already started, said IB Times. There are already people on Reddit saying they were banned because of cheating. It is unfair to other players who are not cheating.

Niantic wanted to give fans a fair and fun game that is available for everyone. They will continue to ban cheaters and they will improve the quality of their anti-cheat system. They will eradicate all of the cheating system and software that help people cheat in the game. 

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