'Gotham' Season 3 Villain Details: Everything We Know About Killer Croc, Poison Ivy And More!

It is no doubt that "Gotham" will never be short on supervillains, as it has tackled the most dangerous, conniving baddies during its past seasons. For the show's upcoming third season, some of the villains that will join the picture have already been named and have been anticipated to appear.

Poison Ivy

Poison Ivy may not be portrayed with a lot of superpowers like other versions of the character, according to actress Maggie Geha. Screen Rant reported that it may be more about discovering her character and how she is perceived by others. "Gotham" is a show about origin, known as a prequel to Batman, hence the storyline of the show focuses more on the characters' history rather than their battles.

Killer Croc

Killer Croc will not be appearing in the series until later on in the show, even though it has already been confirmed that the actor to portray the role has already been cast. His identity will be revealed as the show continues to run.

Solomon Grundy

Producer John Stephens clarified the character of Solomon Grundy in the upcoming third season. People have already assumed that he will be an existing character in "Gotham" who will be turned into a zombie; rather he will be an entirely new character in itself. The actor to portray the role has not yet been revealed, but shall be identified soon enough.

Mad Hatter

In the video game series, "Batman Arkham," there is a villain that has been well-received by the audience, namely Mad Hatter. In "Gotham," he will be something else according to Comic Book.

The role of Mad Hatter will be portrayed by actor Benedict Samuel who was also known as a villain in "The Walking Dead." Benedict fills out that role of a pantheon, according to Stephens, but his role in the series will no be similar to the character in the game.

The world of "Gotha" has already grown larger than ever and fans fear that the creators may run out of characters to place into the series and would end soon. However, it has been visible how the producers are reluctant to kill of characters on the show. The count of the villains will definitely be growing rather than lessening anytime soon.

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