Attack On Titan Season 2 To Feature Monster Giants Bigger Than Colossal Titan; Manga Storyline Not Expected

By JENALYN AGUILAR , Aug 16, 2016 03:30 AM EDT

The Japanese manga series Attack on Titan will not follow its highly anticipated storyline on its second installment as monster giants bigger than colossal titans are tuned for a frightening invasion.

Attack on Titan season 2 is hypothesized to feature a new Titan in the form of a gigantic Titan who will have a high level of intelligence which will resemble that of humans. The monstrous Titan is believed to possess a shapeshifting (or metamorphosis) ability.

The trailer of the second series has been making the rounds since last year as fans are but talking wildly its release on screens as they were left hanging on season one’s conclusion three years ago.

Movie News Guide mentioned that the hindrance for season two’s release could be caused by manga’s policy of being at the forefront before its television adaptation. Another possible reason is that the anime version should be four story arcs late from the original material.

International Business Times reported that the said trailer revealed the findings of Survey Corps leader Hange Zoe and other members of the militia. They discovered that the wall was actually built with a titan inside. When Pastor Nick heard of it, he advised the soldiers to conceal the titan so that he won’t have access to the sunlight being the primary source of his powers.

However, Zoe got mad that the pastor never communicated with him about the said plan. Zoe’s facial expression seems to be threatened as he fears that there might be more titans within the wall, spreading across the cities where the wall expands.

Although the show runners have not yet announced the official date for the premier of Attack on Titan season 2, it is rumored to hit our screens on spring of 2017.

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