'Attack On Titan' Season 2 Will Not Strictly Follow The Manga; Disappoints Fans

There have recently been new updates on the upcoming season two of "Attack on Titan" and much to the dismay of some fans; the storyline will allegedly shift into a different direction from that of the manga series.

There have been mixed responses from the fans of "Attack on Titan" with the speculations that that the creator of the anime series is not going to follow the storyline of the manga series. According to some of the rumors, some of the characters are going to be facing serious challenges in the upcoming future. Eren Yeager, Mikasa and Armin among other characters are going to undergo a major transformation in their lives.

Master Herald reported that the show will always reference to the original manga series. However it has been seen that the producers have gone great lengths to change the details of the show. The second season changing the storyline far from the manga should not be a surprise to the viewers since it won't be the first.

This will give the fans more wiggle room to wonder and think about what the storyline would get into. If the original manga series is going to be followed, the show will no longer have the anticipation of what is going to happen since it has already been presented during the manga series.

In addition to that, it has also been speculated that a new Titan will be introduced into the series, according to a previous report made by iTech Post. This will allegedly be in the form of a giant Titan who will have a high level of intelligence that is closely similar to that of a human being.

The new Titan will allegedly have capabilities of shifting its form, which is just one of his powerful personalities that he possesses. The show will then present how the characters will be facing this new challenge into their world.

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