Pokemon GO Guide: Best Hotspots In New York To Catch Rare Pokemon

Two of the best things about Pokemon GO are the thrill and excitement players get from catching Pokemon. And along with those lines, catching the rarest ones is the main goal. Well, of course, it is no moonlight and roses -- the struggle is real, so to speak. But as a matter of fact, the key is to actually know where the hotspots are. In this guide, we will teach you how to find rare creatures in New York.

Pokemon GO Hotspot: Bryant Park

Somewhere in Bryant Park, there is a huge Pokemon GO gym where players tend to crowd it. Why? That is because most of the rare Pokemon in the game tend to spawn there. And take note: finding it is not that hard -- the mobile game's mapping features display the park's layout well enough. Finding the likes of Golbat or Mr. Mime is an easy-peasy.

Pokemon GO Hotspot: Central Park

In a video (courtesy of Tech Insider), Adam Wennick -- a tour guide and also a die-hard fan of Pokemon GO -- shares his journey to becoming the very best. One of the places he highlighted the most is Central Park. According to Wennick, the said location is overwhelmed with rare Pokemon ranging from Teenee to Dragonite. As for the latter, he was able to catch it somewhere at the top-right part of the park.

Pokemon GO Hotspot: Times Square

This should not really come as a surprise, as the Time Square is packed with Pokemon GO PokeStops. So it is only reasonable for players to flock it almost every single day. Here, they can spot the likes of Geodude, Ponyta and even the adorable Jigglypuff. Moreover, there is a huge gym located somewhere in it.

Pokemon GO Hotspot: Brooklyn Borough Hall

Like the aforementioned Pokemon GO hotspots, the Brooklyn Borough Hall is also teeming with tons of Pokemon. And since it is crowded, expect other players to use lure modules -- something that will make it easy for catching creatures (even the rare ones).

Obviously, there are lots of Pokemon GO hotspots to explore in New York. And all it needs is a little amount of effort to explore the city. By the way, for interested players looking to increase their chances of catching rare Pokemon, check this guide here.

What do you think about these Pokemon GO hotspots in the Big Apple? Do you know any other hotspots in New York that are not on this list? Well, be sure to share them in the comment section below!

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