Pokemon Go Guide: How To Use Google Maps To Find Rare Pokemon

The Pokemon GO craze is real, and yes, lots of would-be trainers are always on the go to finding the rarest Pokemon. While there are lots of tricks on how to catch rare Pokemon, most of them are just not advisable.

Most tricks require using third-party app/software and/or GPS spoofing tools,  something that doesn't please Niantic. Luckily, there's actually a much simpler and safer way to catch rare Pokemon, namely through Google Maps.

According to M2, a Reddit user by the name of hyracuse has set up a Google Maps interactive to distinguish locations of rare creatures in Pokemon GO. The idea behind it is to help other trainers know where these rare Pokemon tend to spawn. In a sense, it's a community built by players for the players.

Currently, the Pokemon GO trick is being maximized in Auckland, New Zealand. But it's starting to expand. So in no time, players who are situated in other countries can utilize the system with ease and will.

The said Pokemon GO and Google Maps integration is being updated by users and/or players with fresher Pokemon locations. That way, people who'll use it will know exactly where to find one. For instance, Eevee is tagged as a Pokemon that can be captured near Cambridge. Ghastly, on the other hand, is said to be spawning somewhere near the Bethells Beach in Auckland.

The cool thing about this Pokemon GO trick is that it's not in any way a cheat. Heck, it can never even be deemed as a GPS spoofing tool. It's a supplementary tool of some sort that works like a map, only that it's digital. Unlike those cheat software, the utilization of Google Maps doesn't defeat the entire purpose of the game. Think of it as a map built by players to guide others through their Pokemon journey.

Furthermore, the Pokemon GO and Google Maps trick can be toggled with Gyms and Pokestops, among others. But it should be used accordingly, as it can make the map less visible. Check the map below!

What do you think about this Pokemon GO trick? Do you think it's helpful enough to acquire rare Pokemon? Be sure to let us know in the comment section below!

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