Pokemon Go News: Region Exclusive Pokemon Spawning Like Crazy

Pokemon Go players are getting excited over the news that Region Exclusive Pokemon are "spawning like crazy". This recent spawning frenzy is likely intentional since it will certainly reawake interest among Pokemon Go trainers.

The spawning craze was first reported in European countries like France and Australia, according to Pokemon Go Informer. Mr. Mime is an exclusive Pokemon to a region such as France. One Reddit user said the usually captures one Mr. Mime a day. In less than 24 hours, the Pokemon trainer saw more than 30 Mr. Mimes spawning in the span of two hours. Australians are also reporting the same thing.

Rumors and speculations are now swirling around this spawning rate frenzy. Niantic is possibly letting loose a lot region exclusive Pokemon in order to convince players back to the game. The fact that it was timed during the weekend may also hint that this event is a "special thing".

There are also speculations that the surge is possibly due to a programming error that Niantic will correct any day now. There is however, another theory involving the upcoming Trade feature update.

Releasing a lot of region exclusive Pokemon will possibly arrest the potential skyrocketing price of such creatures. At least, that is Niantic's plan. The mobile game app developer has earlier announced that it will soon roll out several features in the near future.

One other feature also includes Player versus Player or PvP battle. These two features are not exactly new concepts. Other Nintendo Pokemon based games are already using them for quite some time. Niantic though is hoping that these two features will keep players' interest in the game, according to some industry observers.

Whatever the reason, Pokemon Go players should now take advantage of the region exclusive Pokemon spawning frenzy before Niantic pulls the plug.

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