'Pokemon Go' Will Ban Best Players Alongside Cheaters

By Jomar Teves , Aug 23, 2016 04:30 AM EDT

It has been proven time and time again that game developers will find ways to get rid of cheaters, and that does not exclude Pokemon Go developer, Niantic. Last Friday, the gaming company released a statement to the public warning them of potential permanent bans if they are proven to be cheating.

Even though there are still a lot of issues and technical glitches that the game is experiencing, such as the unreliable tracking feature, still, Niantic wanted to prioritize the banning of cheaters from the game.

It is proven that Niantic is very strict with regards to implementing this rule of zero tolerance for Pokemon Go cheaters. However, it is also evident that its campaign against cheaters is as unreliable as its servers.

Last week, a gamer who is regarded as one of the best Pokemon Go players on the planet was in the middle of a heating Pokemon Go event, and then out of a sudden, the unfortunate man got his account temporarily suspended. The name of the person is Derocher, who is said to have managed to gain 1 million XP throughout the weekend. Sadly, the game server speculated if the success he was experiencing is a fraud.

Derocher then brought it to Reddit and laid out his personal game plan proving the possibility of gaining 1 million XP in a very short time period.

The Pokemon Go stated on Facebook: "Niantic Labs recently implemented an anti-botting policy becoming more well-known to players as a 'soft-ban'. More or less, the policy is a 24-hour 'cheating prevention' tool which stops you from getting more XP than should be possible."

One of the main morales of the experience here is that cheating is definitely a big "no no" for Pokemon Go. But one should also remember that they should also not be too good in playing the game, or else, you will risk being temporarily banned.

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