Pokemon Go Update: Legendaries Coming Out In Fall Rumor – Not True

A Pokemon Go rumor involving Legendaries coming out in the fall was disproved by other news outlet. Industry observers believed that such report is unlikely to happen anytime soon.

The controversial news was published in a website called "Big Brand Boys" (BBB). The site announced that Pokemon Legendaries which include Articuno, Mew and other rare creatures are coming at the earliest by September or November at the latest.

The site also claimed that it got the information from one of Niantic's developer. However, it did not name the supposed developer. A number of Pokemon Go experts such as Pokemon Go Hub doubted the veracity of such claim due to several circumstances and even problems confronting Niantic right now.

Pokemon Go players are leaving en masse

There are reports that many players are leaving Pokemon Go. The reasons for leaving are quite varied which can range from boredom to irritation over the game's missing or inadequate features.

Niantic has also received numerous criticisms from Pokemon Go player for its inability to replace a more effective tracking feature. Many Pokemon Go quitters said that some of Niantic's update has made the game unplayable and no longer enjoyable.

Observers believed that Niantic will focus its efforts on the missing and upcoming features. This means that releasing the Legendaries is at the bottom of their to do list right now and unlikely to happen this fall.

No official announcement from Niantic

Many cast doubts on the site's claim that it interviewed a Pokemon Go developer. Niantic usually makes an official announcement with regards to any upcoming features of the game. So far, the mobile game app developer said that it's planning to add trading and PvP features to Pokemon Go.

Niantic has not made any announcement or event comment about releasing the Legendaries in the foreseeable future. The BBB news was even posted in Reddit but was removed eventually.

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