Pokemon Go Guide: How To Use IV Calculator For Pokemon Stamina And Combat Power

By Benjie Batanes , Aug 24, 2016 05:00 AM EDT

Pokemon Go players who want to level up their Pokemon should make use of the IV calculator. This tool works by computing the creature's stamina and combat power.

Where to Get IV Calculator

There are various sources where players can get the IV calculator. However, there is a risk that Niantic may ban trainers for using some of these third party apps, according to Heavy. Most of these tools are available for download in various Reddit posts and forum.

1. Google Spreadsheet Calculator

This particular spreadsheet calculator came from TheIrishGoat from Reddit. It is also possibly the safest. Using it is also quite easy. To download, click "File", and then click "Make A Copy". Players need only to follow the instructions written on the spreadsheet.

2. GoIV

This Pokemon Go IV calculator is causing uneasiness to some trainers. There have been rumors that using GoIV could get its user banned from the game. However, its creator is skeptical about such report. The GoIV calculator is available for download in this GitHub page.

3. Silph Road IV Rater

This Pokemon Go IV calculator is available in Silph's site. Players simply need to select the particular Pokemon creature and trainer level. Players will also need to fine tune the slider a bit, taking into consideration the required stardust and candy for the Pokemon creature's evolution. Players will also need to give CP and HP of their Pokemon to complete the IV calculation. This app will not get players ban since it's not tied to their Pokemon Go account.

4. Poke Assistant

This is the easiest and most popular IV calculator out there. This app will never be tied up with the player's account. It is also the most accurate calculator out there. Players need to list the particular Pokemon and include its CP and HP level. The tool will also require the number of dust and if it's powered or not. Poke Assistant can be found in this site.

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