Find Out Supercell's Plans To Keep Clash Of Clans At Par With Pokemon GO

First and foremost, Clash of Clans and Pokemon GO greatly differ from each other. Each of this game has its own way or mechanics and whatnots -- let alone the excitement they bring to the players. However, it's no secret that Niantic's title has become an easy favorite compared to Supercell's. Hence the latter is reportedly working on a way to match the competition. Could the upcoming September update be the key to that?

Clash of Clans is expected to receive a massive update next month. It's so big that it can change the overall gameplay of the hit mobile game. While little has been known about the forthcoming patch, it is believed to arrive with some hefty features.

The said Clash of Clans September update is deemed to be Supercell's ace to competing against rival Niantic's Pokemon GO. Ever since the release of the latter, it took the gaming community by storm. And as of this writing, it continues to hold a great number of users -- both on Android and iOS.

According to Game & Guide, the September Clash of Clans update will highlight most - if not all - of the request from its community. It will have a heavy impact on players who own Town Halls level 1 to 11. And take note: this is something quite different from the past. Previous updates were merely all about updating stuff related to TH level 11 and above.

Sure enough, this is something that should interest many Clash of Clans fans. First of all, Supercell intends to upgrade the features introduced by the recently arrived patch, which didn't quite sit well to the community. Nevertheless, there are still doubts of the next update becoming a hit.

Aside from spells being tweaked, the next Clash of Clans update is believed to introduce a feature that will allow players to mine gems for free. Of course, there's something between those lines, as gems are considered as the company's cash cow. But if it's something that they intend to deliver for the fans, then it's surely a thing to look forward to.

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