New Clash Of Clans Update Allows Players To Mine Gems For Free? Other Upcoming Features Revealed

Clash of Clans is getting a new update from developer Supercell in the next few weeks or so. Not only will players enjoy a handful of hefty features, but a new gem mine is also expected to be introduced. The said update is specifically designed for level 1 to 10 Town Halls.

According to Movie News Guide, the upcoming Clash of Clans update is slated to arrive sometime this month or September. A couple of changes, bug fixes and items, among others, are believed to be included. Without a doubt, these features will bring the hit mobile game to a whole new level.

A Clash of Clans representative confirmed recently that massive fixes and improvements -- particularly in a character's stats -- are going to be unveiled. The main goal is to provide balance to the game, thanks to "a new sort of defense."

Moreover, Clash of Clans players can expect no nerf updates, something that the previous updates did. After all, most fans believe that both the attack and defense should always have the same impact in terms of power.

Aside from the aforementioned changes, a new Clash of Clans penalty feature is also making its way to the mobile game. With it, players will be prevented from over usage of resources. Supercell has already hinted in the past about its aim to cut the housing space of some in-game units.

Furthermore, the forthcoming Clash of Clans update will feature new levels for both the troops and the structures. These changes will be made available to players in the TH 1 to TH 10 levels. Above all of these exciting features is the so-called Gem Mine.

The Clash of Clans community has been clamoring about a feature that will allow them to acquire gems -- not through purchasing, but via mining. And indeed, the studio is looking to give in to such request. The new update will allow players to mine a number of gems -- all of which are free. This will surely give them a great chance to boost their rankings.

In related news, Supercell is looking to bring the whole Clash of Clans hype to full bloom. In the game's official Twitter account, the studio revealed that "something's happening in November." While it remains a mystery as to what it will be all about, this surely something that fans should be looking forward to.

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