'Pokemon Go' Update: Niantic Releasing Legendary Pokemon, Trading, New Incense Type?

By Benjie Batanes , Aug 26, 2016 04:10 AM EDT

Pokemon Go fans are excited over rumors that the Legendary Pokemon, trading system and new Incense types will roll out anytime now. Speculations were started when a number of Reddit users posted Pokemon Go source codes referring to the said features.

Pokemon Go Source Code

The alleged game's source code revealed that Niantic has already added codes for the Legendary Pokemon and other upcoming features. So far, the identified codes are merely placeholders which mean the developer must place the implementing code for the rare Pokemon and features to appear in the game, according to Pokemon Go Hub.

Legendary Pokemon Coming?

Resourceful hackers were able catch a certain code that seems to indicate that the developer is setting the stage for the Legendary Pokemon. It is a single code, "-activity_catch_legend_pokemon." Pokemon Go experts believed that capturing a Legendary Pokemon will be different from collecting an ordinary one. It is further speculated that a Master Ball will be need for its capture.

New Incense Types?

Reddit users posted  several codes such as Item_incence_spicy, Item_incense_cool, Item_incense_floral. These Incense codes may indicate that Niantic is preparing several types of lures for Pokemon creatures out in the wild.

Many observers have hypothesized that the "spicy" code is intended to lure Fire and Electric Pokemon types. "Cool" is for both Ice and Water types while "floral" are for the Bug and Grass ones.

Trading System Codes

The same Reddit post also uncovered several codes related to trading like Trade_search, Trade_offer, Trade_response and Trade_result. These codes may refer to the trading system announced a few weeks ago by Niantic. Observers believed that a marketplace for trading Pokemon and other game items will be set up.


Niantic has to make an official announcement on the release of the Legendary Pokemon and other mentioned game features. Pokemon Go fans hope that it will be released as soon as possible.

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