'Pokemon Go' Update: Backend Code For Trading Pokemon Confirmed

This week, Niantic Labs released a new build featuring 'Pokemon Appraisal'. This wasn't the feature every gym trainer has been looking for. Although it automates IV calculation, it is still a pain to memorize the phrases so that you will know what exactly your team leader had to say in statistics language.

As reported, recent scrutiny of the game's backend codes exposed that some code traces have been linked to what we can understand is for trading Pokemon. Yes! There have been snippets found that prove that Niantic Labs is working on a Pokemon trading system in Pokemon Go.

Reddit's r/TheSlphRoad, a subreddit fully dedicated to Pokemon go, noticed that the noticeable addition of several lines of code has been added and it says something about how to trade Pokemon. Functions such as 'trade_search', 'trade_response', 'trade_offer', and 'trade_result' were found on the new build. It doesn't take a hard-coder to know that it refers to the highly-anticipated Pokemon trading feature, which has already been a feature on the previous Pokemon games.

However, it is unconfirmed if those lines of code were from the latest version or has been lying around ever since the first release since both client and server sides have independent backend codes running the game.

For those of you who are not familiar, certain code snippets can easily get lost and hide in some code clusters or lines of codes, hidden from plain sight, invisible to the untrained eye. These could have indicated that someone was working and testing on the codes responsible for Pokemon trading, pushed lines of code to the main build but forgot to take them away after the tests, then the orphan lines of code hitchhiked on the latest release that featured 'Appraisals' - or maybe it was left there on purpose as an Easter egg?

Any expert out there? For your thoughts, feel free to comment below.

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