'Pokemon Go' Evolution Optimization Tip: How To Use IV Calculator

Training Pokemon in Pokemon Go is like raising human children. Although you have 10 Balbasaur, it is not guaranteed they will grow up the same. I have posted an article about using the CP calculator to determine and optimize your resources and Pokemon inventory when deciding to either power up or evolve. This article, however, takes it up to a deeper level and understanding of Pokemon stats. If you are not yet oriented about Pokemon Go's CP stat system, it is recommended that you read the CP article first.

If you were already playing Pokemon way before Pokemon Go, then you should have a level of understanding about IV. However, most Pokemon Go players just jumped in the bandwagon when the mobile game was released.

What are IVs by the way?

There's a post at Gamefaqs.com that says, "IVs, or Individual Values, are hidden stats that every Pokemon has. They range from 0 to 31 in each stat, and cannot be changed without resorting to cheating devices. At level 100, each IV adds one point to the corresponding stat, barring some skewing from Nature. That means up to 31 points per stat (again, ignoring Nature). As stats scale with level, you'll get less effect at lower levels; for instance, at level 50, it takes two IVs to make one stat point. On a side note, IVs also determine the type of Hidden Power." Click here to go in depth with the discussion.

With that said, on top of optimizing how you increase CP (Combat Points) in Pokemon Go, you can actually indulge yourself into a deeper study into each Pokemon's individual value. By studying IV, you can gauge each Pokemon's Attack, Defense, Stamina, CP and HP.

That is way too much information for me, is there a simple way to learn?

Actually the good guys from PokeAssitant.com who brought you the CP calculator also came up with the IV calculator. They claim the tool can help you and your Pokemon to be the best! Instructions on how to use are also stated on top of the page so that even beginners like us will know what to do the first time we see it.

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