'Pokemon Go' News: 3 New Incense Types, Candy Management, Trainer ID Cards, PokeExplore Revealed

Today, we have bundled some news on Pokemon Go, the topic is so hot on trends that some news need to be grouped together for your convenience.

First stop, information about an upcoming update about a Pokemon Go item: incense. It is reported that there will be 3 new incense types. The leak states that it will follow shortly after the release of the 'trading system' and that its concept is currently in the works. Reddit's r/cokuspokus revealed some line of codes to prove the speculation as posted on this thread.


As you can see, the lines suggest 3 types of incense that attract different groups of Pokemon.

Next stop, Candy Management. OtakuArt.com reports that reddit/Youtuber iSacrified spent his creativity on an interesting idea for Pokemon Go candy management.

A simple design, straight to the point - need for fancy stuff, that would allow you to spend more time on actually playing the game than wondering how many candy is in your inventory. Currently we need to tap on a Pokemon to check the number of candy per Pokemon type.

Last stop, Operation: PokeExplore, a world-wide weekend campaign about taking pictures of interesting places then submitting them as Pokestop requests. Just in time for the US Labor Day weekend, the schedule is on Sept. 2-5.

Things you need to do to join:

Download twitter on your phone, make sure it is location-enabled
Take a picture of your desired Pokestop location
Tweet it with the following content:
Short description
#PokeExplore @NianticLabs

This community idea is being passed around via Reddit in an effort to 'push' Niantic Labs on accepting Pokestop requests:

Operation PokéExplore from TheSilphRoad

There you have it, 3 news in 1 article so you want to tediously click from one news to another. For your comments and suggestions, feel free to use the comment section below.

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