Here's How The New Pokemon GO Anti-Cheat System Works

Pokemon GO is without a doubt one of the highly celebrated mobile games of today. But like any other games out there, it didn't escape the prowess of cheaters. Of course, Niantic has already anticipated such thing; hence they've started banning players who are guilty of using cheat tools. As a matter of fact, the studio has implemented a new anti-cheat system, something that is still a mystery to most players.

According to a Reddit user, Niantic has recently updated Pokemon GO through a minor bot fix patch. Through it, a system that generates a captcha whenever players tend to do something fishy pops up. Although this hasn't been officially released, the codes that seem to prove the very existence of a new anti-cheat feature have been distinguished.

With the implementation of captcha in Pokemon GO, it's safe to say that the studio is very passionate in cleansing the game with cheaters. The said system is basically used by websites to prevent a hoard of spam and/or bot attacks.

As for Pokemon GO, it'll work as a tracking system of sort. Players will be asked to take action on clicking "I'm not a robot." If it happens to detect a very unusual pattern (perhaps during gameplay), eventually, the user will be denied of access.

While this new anti-cheat Pokemon GO system has all the potentials, it can still be overwhelmed. There have been a number of websites -- all equipped with such feature -- that are still being plagued by bots or spams. But still, all hopes to Niantic's new strategy.

At the end of the day, the effectiveness of this new Pokemon GO anti-cheat system relies on the devs' capability. It's up to them as to how they'll bring such feature into a reality. Besides, they really need to do so, as lots and lots of players are beginning to dislike the game.

What are your thoughts on this new Pokemon GO anti-cheat system? Do you think it'll help the mobile game in one way or another? Share your thoughts at the comment section below!

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