Pokemon GO Player Pool Significantly Decreased By 10 Million

Since its initial release, Pokemon GO proved to be a massive hit. Players all over the world collectively joined the journey towards becoming the very best. In fact, even during the augmented reality mobile game's beta phase, it demonstrated a great potential. However, fast forward to today, its player pool has been significantly decreasing.

According to Unbox, Pokemon GO is gradually losing its momentum over the course of months or so. And true enough, various data tracking reports from well-known industry analysts reportedly confirm it. In July, Niantic's hit title reached a total of 45 million active users. However, as soon as the month of August entered, it was decreased to a disappointing figure of 30 million.

Thanks to Bloomberg, the current status quo of Pokemon GO was revealed. It turned out that almost every aspect of the game -- from users to downloads to engagement to daily time spent, among others -- declined significantly.

The decline of Pokemon GO's popularity could be a direct result of Niantic's decision to go after cheaters and/or botters. As of late, the studio has been very active in sending ban emails, informing the recipients of their accounts being terminated. But still, it's no secret that the game is yet to be completely free from GPS spoofers and the alike.

In a post via Niantic's official Facebook page, Pokemon GO is expected to receive its new update. Android users will get the Version 0.35.0, while iOS owners will be to Version 1.5.0. The release date(s), however, remains unknown.

Nevertheless, below is a preview of the upcoming features the new Pokemon GO update will bring:

  • Implementation of Pokemon GO Appraisal -- Trainers will now have the chance to learn about a creature's particular attack and defense capability through their Team Leader (Blanche, Spark or Candela). This will give them an edge as to what Pokemon is best for a certain battle.
  • Minor Bot Fixes
  • Adding and updating feature

What are your thoughts on this recent report about Pokemon GO? What do you think is the main reason behind the game's decline? Anything you can think of, just put it in the comment section below!

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