Autonomous Driving Tech Might Come To Your Car Sooner Than You Think

Market analysts estimate that, by the year 2019, autonomous driving technology will be available to any automaker.

Self-Driving Tech Partnerships

According to Market Watch, this summer in Silicon Valley, the hottest topic has been the vision of a world that depends on autonomous driving cars. Many partnerships have been formed between startups, tech companies and big auto makers, in the past few weeks. Various companies struggle to ensure that they are not left behind by the self-driving technological revolution.

According to The Motley Fool, last week, Mobileye and Delphi announced that they formed a partnership with the goal to produce self-driving car technology likely to be available as soon as the year 2019. Just last week, Ford Motor, Uber Technologies and chip giant Intel, all announced major investments and partnerships related to self-driving cars.

Perhaps one of the boldest steps of Uber is that, as part of the ride-hailing fleet in a Pittsburgh pilot program, the company will begin to offer customers self-driving Volvos. This is the first time ever when a ride-hailing service is using self-driving vehicles.

Despite misgivings from riders, such the unfortunate car accident of a Tesla car on Auto Pilot, adventurous investors are already placing their bets on driverless cars. At least in limited form, this futuristic technology could come on our roads sooner than we think.

While the autonomous car market is still an untested emergent sector in its early stages of development, one sector stands up to make a big share of profit by servicing the self-driving technology. Chips are increasingly used in vehicles and the semiconductor industry is set to certainly profit from the emergent sector of autonomous driving industry.

With more advanced auto pilot, autonomous driving and driver-assistance systems coming in standard car models, chip production volumes are rising, driving costs down. In turn, this allows for an increasing number of processors and sensors to be used in cars.

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